Everyone has a right to make an ass out of themselves

You can’t let the world judge you too much… Maude

This weekend I watched Harold and Maude with my kids. It’s been many years since I have seen that movie, and those words still resonate with me. The last year and a half have been a journey of rediscovering my creative self. Many of my creations will see the light of day soon. I find myself paying more and more attention to those feelings of self-doubt, stemming from a fear of judgment. The words of Maude were a timely reminder that I do have the right to “make an ass out of myself.”

I am a quiet person. I love people, thoughts, and ideas. I hold the belief everyone has a right to their voice and opinion, even if I disagree. Sometimes, I am afraid to use my voice, and along the way, my thoughts have gotten stuck in my brain because I’m too scared to let them out. I’m terrified that my space may accidentally trample someone else feels, and I would never want to do that.

When I finished the second draft of my novel and sent it off to an editor, it was not what I expected I would write. Sophie is my protagonist and a small part of me. She now exists in the world. Some people will love her; some people may find her simple, too dangerous, or think her story is stupid. I hope she resonates with at least someone and makes a small difference in their life, like “Maude” made in mine. I don’t know what happens next, but she exists!

Creating makes me feel empowered, brave almost. When I was younger, I wanted to become a bartender because I thought it would be a great way to connect to people and listen to their stories. Of the many jobs, I’ve had, that never ended up being one of them. I decided to create a bar instead. I’m am starting an Audio Drama podcast featuring short stories that have been adapted into a stand-alone episode. You can check it out here: https://crossroadscantina.captivate.fm/. My original intention was to reach out to friends and writers I know and ask if they wanted to contribute a story. I ran into two problems with this idea. 1.) I don’t have a lot in the way of friends. (Don’t worry, this is not a sad thing!) 2.) I suck at asking for help.

So far, I have one episode based on an author’s novel, for which I have narrated. I have also written a few episodes of my own. However, I would love to have more stories with which to work! (You would receive full credit for your work.) I am also looking people that may want to play around with voice acting (you can even voice your characters!)

If your interested in acting or writing for my podcast, please please please reach out! Of my ten followers, I know at least two of you are writers hahaha!

Now go out, enjoy the day. Make an ass out of yourself, create, and be free.

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