5 projects I’ve started (and some I’ve finished)

1.) I am about halfway through a first write through of a novel about a young gal named Sophie- a bit of a coming of age, with a hint of scfi/post apocalyptic that is woven in. Probably fits best in YA or Middle aged fiction.

2.) I am at the beginning of a novel that is a bit more fantasy based. Micah’s my main guy here. Again, YA fiction or Fantasy. I think I live here and feel most comfortable writing to that age because of the many years volunteer/teaching hanging out with teens. Either that or its because I have never matured beyond that.

3.) I started a website trying to tie things together a bit more. Its a work in progress, because I get distracted easily. If you are interested in the two books above, there are samples on my site, however, no promises that I will ever finish them. If you happen to like either let me know- it may be the inspiration I need! https://bethconnor.com/the-wall or https://bethconnor.com/namless

4.) I’m trying to put together a “Dramatic Reading” of Peter Pan. My poor musical kids will not be able to perform their hard work due to Covid 19. More info soon on that.

5.) I’ve been working mostly on my Audio-book Narration stuff. Turns out I really enjoy it! I did some volunteer work on Librivox, but the biggest achievement was completing my first Narration project for ACX. It is currently in Audio review, but once its approved, I’ll give a link and the backstory on how it came to be.

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